A Mini-Submarine Discovers Classified Canadian Technology at the Bottom of Lake Ontario

By 1 year ago

In August of 2017, Canadian researchers dropped into Lake Ontario, searching for a piece of past technology with untold dangers ahead.

Diving Deep

A team of Canadian researchers heart word about “something valuable” being under a specific portion of Lake Ontario. Hobbyist locals were able to detect something metallic sitting in the depths of the lake using sonar technology, but none of them were able to dive into the water to discover what it was.


OEX Recovery Group

Because of their inability to dig deeper, locals contacted the OEX Recovery Group. This outfit of divers is associated with Canadian miners and specialize in pulling metallic objects out of deep water. With the vague information they were given, the rescuers got inspired to search the deep water, with the premonition that they would be finding something unbelievable…

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