A Mini-Submarine Discovers Classified Canadian Technology at the Bottom of Lake Ontario

OEX Recovery Group

Because of their inability to dig deeper, locals contacted the OEX Recovery Group. This outfit of divers is associated with Canadian miners and specialize in pulling metallic objects out of deep water. With the vague information they were given, the rescuers got inspired to search the deep water, with the premonition that they would be finding something unbelievable…


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The More You Know

  • During your lifetime, you will spend around seventy-nine days brushing your teeth.
  • One area of Canada has a weaker gravitational pull than the rest of Earth.
  • The richest superhero is actually Black Panther, who has an estimated of $500 billion, whereas Tony Stark is worth $100 billion and Bruce Wayne $80 billion.
  • During the first 5 months of Pokémon Go, gaming-related accidents increased by 26.5%.
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