A Hole in the Floor of an Abandoned KFC Led Authorities to Discover a Mysterious Hidden Tunnel

By 1 year ago

One small town in Arizona was rocked to its core when a high-speed car chase and a mysterious underground tunnel was discovered, coincidentally, at the same time...

San Luis, Arizona

Officers Erin Gotz and Manuel Ramirez were patrolling the outskirts of San Luis, Arizona on an average morning. The weather was hot, the air was dry, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a white Ford F-150 pulled out in front of them to stop at a traffic light. The police officers did not think anything of this until officer Ramirez remarked that the truck’s license plate looked like it had been screwed in improperly.


Red Alert

 Nothing was out of the ordinary here, and when the light turned green, the officers turned on their flashers to alert the man in the truck that he was being pulled over. This was a routine procedure and the officers did not even plan on ticketing the driver, but something was a little out of the ordinary. Suddenly, the truck driver floored it and peeled out down the dusty strip. The officers turned on their siren and immediately called for backup, they didn’t know what they were getting into, but they knew that whatever was going on, they needed to stop it…

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