A Couple Finds Something Hidden in Their Floorboards That Led Them on a Wild Treasure Hunt

By 2 years ago

Sometimes all you need in life is a little change, and after deciding to renovate the floor in their kitchen, this couple’s life changed forever…

Making the Discovery

After buying a fixer-upper house, a young couple decided to tear up their kitchen floor. They found a safe hidden beneath the tile in their kitchen, presumably owned by someone who had owned the house many years ago.


A Hidden Code

When the couple moved into the house, they found a safe code on the back of their medicine cabinet. For some reason, they decided to keep the code just in case. They guessed that the safe was around 10-20 years old, and had been sitting dormant for a long time. The wheel was jammed and didn’t function very well, but after a dozen attempts to put the code they found in, the safe cracked open…

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