90s Kids Can Finally Eat at Good Burger

Before there was the Krusty Crab, there was Good Burger. Kenan and Kel’s famous sketch on All That eventually got it’s own movie, TV show,  and now, it’s getting its own restaurant. Nickelodeon announced that there would be a Good Burger pop-up coming this summer.

The store will serve Good Burgers, Good Shakes, and Good Chunks. They’ll also have merchandise, prizes, games, and fun photo opportunities. The whole place will be an Instagram goldmine.

Kel explained in a promo video that the pop-up will be in West Hollywood at 10 a.m. Guests can prep by securing a spot online. The restaurant is meant to promote the new revival of the iconic 90s series All That, where the dumb duo first made their mark.

While the restaurant is only here for a short time, All That returns Saturday on Nickelodeon and is sure to feature some of the best parts of the original series. The Jonas brothers will appear as the musical guest and some original cast members might make a guest appearance!

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