7-Foot Alligator Discovered Inside Florida Post Office

One Floridian got the surprise of a lifetime when they looked down while on their way to mail a package.

The resident was dropping it off at the Spring Hill post office when they spotted a 7-foot alligator inside the building. Authorities said that the enormous reptile was "roaming around the lobby area" when they arrived at the scene. A trapper was able to safely remove the alligator from the building.

"I guess he had a package to mail!" wrote one user on Facebook.

It is the policy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to remove an alligator that has been deemed a nuisance—i.e., it is over 4 feet in length and poses a threat to people, pets, or property—and relocate it to a remote area away from the public.

"Who needs the Pony Express when we have the Gator Express," wrote another user.

"Some states use guard dogs, then there's Florida!" said another Florida resident.

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