Little Sister Designs and Creates Her Big Sister’s Prom Dress

Fourteen-year-old Courtney Lewis is on her way to designer stardom.

Lewis gained some serious attention on social media after her family posted photos of the prom gown she designed and created for her older sister’s senior prom.

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My 14 year old daughter tells people that she wants to design doll clothes when she grows up. People look at her funny because it seems like an odd career choice. But I know my child, she'll design doll clothes and she's going to be great at it. She told us she was going to create her sisters prom dress and I looked at her funny! That's a major event. I even saved money to the side, for just in case. And then I decided to have faith in her ability and used the money for something else. The video highlights the journey. Have faith in your ability! Don't let anyone dictate the outcome of your journey and destiny because it sounds odd to them. Dress: Courtney Lewis (with help from @syreetacfashion) Make Up: @tattedupmommy Hair: @1stladydw_ 📸: @eitb_blog

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Her mother was skeptical when she insisted on making the dress, but after five months of work and help from her mentors at her art school in Washington DC, she ended up creating a masterpiece.

Since posting the photos of the completed dress, Courtney has now received over 50 requests for custom gowns via Instagram.

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