Walmart Launches New Online Pet Pharmacy

In a world where having a fur-child is arguably as popular as having a human child, Walmart had found yet another way to expand its empire.

On Tuesday, Walmart launched an online pet pharmacy,, which will deliver pet medications from over 300 brands to the homes of customers and businesses. Orders costing over $35 qualify for free two-day shipping.

By the end of this month, Walmart will carry the top 30 requested pet medications for same-day pickup from any of its 4,500 pharmacies in the U.S.

The chain is also adding vet clinics to over 100 stores. These clinics will offer exams, vaccinations, and treatments for minor illnesses for up to 60% off.

Pet spending doubled between the years of 2005 and 2018 to reach more than $72 billion. The majority of this spending growth is due to millennials, who now account for the largest demographic of pet owners in the country.

“Millennial dog owners spend up to $1,285 a year on their furry friends, with the majority of spend going towards vet care and vaccinations, food, and supplies,” said Kieran Shanahan, senior vice president of retail for Walmart U.S. e-commerce. “We’re about to bring that cost down.”

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