Youtube Mom Records Her Birth and Captures Extremely Rare Phenomenon

By 2 years ago

A Youtuber from Florida wanted to film her water-birth for her channel when she captured something completely unexpected. It’s something that is rare to even happen during a birth, let alone capturing it on camera!

Starting Youtube

Amber Nicole was the mother of two young boys and wife to a military man. She was basically living the All-American dream! At the time she got pregnant, Amber had the idea of creating a Youtube channel to showcase her experiences. She loved watching other creators film their families and talk about the fun times and struggles! Amber especially wanted to reach other military mothers. It was just something for fun, she had no idea what this channel would really turn into.


Amber and Kyle

In high school, Amber began dating her husband, Kyle. They were only at 16, then got married at 20, and jump-started their life together with their careers. Kyle began work in the Air Force. The couple had to move down to Florida from their hometown in Mississippi with their new baby, and first child. Things got interesting when Kyle had to move the family to Germany. In that time, they welcomed their second child into the world!

One Last Addition

Once the growing family landed back in Florida, the couple decided that they wanted one more baby. They were finally back in the states and surrounded by their longtime friends and family once again. They decided that it just felt right to have one more baby.

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