Young Father Learns Surprising Truth About His New Family

By 1 year ago

Alfie Patten was a happy teen in Eastbourne, Britain when he discovered he was going to be a father. While it wasn’t part of the plan, he was going to do whatever he needed to do to make sure his daughter was given a good life. Soon after she was born, though, he learned something surprising…

Alfie Patten

Alfie was a teen with lots of friends and a great life. He lived with his family in Eastbourne, Britain and was dating his first girlfriend, Chantelle Stedman. Things in his life were great, however, a surprising revelation by Chantelle would make him grow up a little quicker than he had planned…


An Announcement

Chantelle sat Alfie down one day and took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but what she told him was far from anything that he ever thought possible...

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