You Won't Believe These Astounding Nature Photos Are Real

Guatemala City's Sinkhole

At first glance, it looks like this is a scene from a movie about the apocalypse. This photo of the sinkhole in Guatemala City was taken in 2010 after Agatha, the first tropical storm of the season, ravaged the area. Faulty sewage pipes, aggressive downpours, and soot from a recently ruptured volcano caused the pipes to clog and leak.


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The More You Know

  • Commercial flights were allowed to fly any course to their destination and would often detour over points of interest. This ended in 1956 when two planes crashed mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.
  • Baby elephants suck their trunks for comfort.
  • The Crown Jewels contain the two biggest cut diamonds on Earth.
  • The "Like" button on Facebook was supposed to be the "Awesome" button.
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