You Won't Believe The Size of These Celebrity Paychecks

By 1 year ago

Some celebrities still rake in earnings from reruns of their old TV shows, while others are profiting off their box office its in a big way. Check out the highest-paid stars in the industry...

Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory"

Jim Parsons, a household name thanks to his hit geeky sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory," raked in around $900,000 per episode. Thanks to the longevity and huge fanbase of the show, Parsons still pulls an impressive $10 million a year with reruns. The network is continuing Sheldon's legacy with a spinoff, "Young Sheldon."


Alan Alda, "M*A*S*H"

This pioneering show gave a serious subject a comic twist, while also maintaining emotional connections between the characters and the audience. At the beginning, lead actor Alan Alda made around $10,000 per episode for his portrayal of Hawkeye. His salary increased to $235,000 by the end of the series. Now, he earns $1 million a year in royalties from reruns.

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