You Probably Missed These Glaring Mistakes in Your Favorite Films


Leonardo DiCaprio plays the handsome deuteragonist, Jack, in this James Cameron romance. At one point, Jack mentions fishing with his father on Lake Wissota, but Lake Wissota was formed by the construction of the Wissota Hydroelectric Dam on the Chippewa River in 1917... almost five years after the famous ship sank. 


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The More You Know

  • Iron Man first appeared in the Marvel Comic “Tales of Suspense” in 1963.
  • The Hulk was originally gray, not green.
  • Often derided as a mega-flop, Waterworld actually took home nearly $90m more in worldwide box office than its estimated budget.
  • Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which is why they’re called “trailers.”
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