You Need to Avoid These Interior Design Mistakes at All Costs

By 11 months ago

Designing your home may feel like a chore, but when you get into it, you'll realize that it's more of a gift that you give yourself. However, there are a ton of mistakes that you might make the first time you start designing your home. This is a guide to avoid those mistakes. Learn from these so you don't have to make your own. 

Why Buy Fake Plants?

Fake plants were an unfortunate trend from the past. Whether you got them to try and protect your pets from potentially poisoning themselves, or maybe because you sometimes think about crunching down on a leaf, it's time to grow up. Toss out those fake plants, let's get into some real ones.


When You Can Raise Real Ones

If the only thing that's been holding you back from raising real plants is your fear of killing them, then you should seriously consider not feeling that way any longer. Do your research. There are dozens of different types of house plants that will shock you with how easy it is to keep them alive. 

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