You Can Stay In This Candy Cane House During the Holiday Season

The holidays are here, and with that, comes a lot of traveling. Have no fear though, because things just got a whole lot sweeter. This Willy Wonka-esque house opened up recently in Soho Square, London, just in time for the holiday season! The sugar plum palace is only available through a promotion, appropriately titled the Candy Cane House. 

The home will offer amenities like edible chocolate wreaths decorated for Christmas, tasty tree baubles, and a snowy decoration infused with icing sugar. Guests can stay in the delicious decor for only $128 dollars a night. The house promises to look, smell, feel, and of course taste, like the Christmas season. Who needs specialty holiday teats when you can live in one?

The Ginger Bread bedroom boasts a cookie themed bedroom nestled in a fairytale woodland. Inside you'll find chocolate pine cones, a gingerbread clock, and a candy cane canopy. You can also chill out in the Candy Lounge with a cupcake centerpiece, cotton candy, and peppermint clock. Finally, the Cocoa Kitchen has a chocolate charcuterie plate and an assortment of candies. 

Sadly, guests are allowed a two-night stay. The house is only open from Wednesday, December 18th to Thursday, December 19th. Only two guests can stay in the house per night, so make sure you get to the phone in time to book it! 

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