Yep, You Read That Right. Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Cookbook

This isn't the type of cookbook you'll find in your grandmother's house, that's for sure. You've seen Mountain Dew candles and Moutain Dew hot sauce, but now the brand is launching a 96-page book of recipes inspired by the cult-followed beverage. The lemon-lime soft drink will be used in ways you've never seen before and help transform some of your favorite classic recipes.

The book, titled Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes, includes everyday recipes as well as more gourmet attempts, and in one way or another, the soft drink is infused into the creation in ways you'd never expect. The book is divided up into sections: Bada$ Breakfasts, Dippin' with DEW, DEW Does Dinner, Satisfying Sides, Dang Good Desserts, and Liquid Legends. Whether you want to make a Dew-inspired cocktail or a breakfast with a kick, this book has you covered.

Some recipes include: "Mountain Dew pancakes, Mountain Dew green salsa, Mountain Dew jalapeño poppers, Mountain Dew pork chops, Mountain Dew two-ingredient cupcakes, and a Mountain Dew Moscow Mule," according to Delish. The book sells for $30 and is hitting stores next week.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.