World’s Youngest Dad Accidentally Gets Caught in a Web of Lies

By 1 year ago

Alfie Patten was a child himself when he discovered he was the father of a little girl. At age thirteen, the birth of his daughter made Alfie the youngest father in the world, but the craziness had only just begun. Read on to find out how this dad got caught in a web of lies…

Alfie Patten

Alife Patten lived a normal life in Eastbourne, Britain. He had a good home life and lots of friends, as well as a girlfriend named Chantelle Stedman. For Alfie, things were good, but his life was about to turn upside down…


An Announcement

His girlfriend, fifteen at the time, approached Alfie with the shocking news. She was pregnant and he was the father. He couldn’t believe it. But the details all made sense…

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