Unthinkable World Records That People Have Broken

There's a world record for anything. If you can think of a concept and pull it off, it can probably be classified as a world record. There are people eating snakes, being run over by cars, and even getting the most piercings just to have their name go down in history. Some of these world record titles are so crazy that they don't even seem real...

The Longest Self-Grown Fingernails

Chris “The Duchess” Walton has held the record for the longest nails since 2012. She decided to stop cutting her nails 19 years ago and to see how long they could grow out. With the proper nail care, she's been able to hold the record without anyone trying to take it from her. Walton lives in Las Vegas with her five kids. 


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The More You Know

  • Grasshopper Mice have evolved to turn scorpion venom into a pain-killer. They now prey on scorpions.
  • Your heart beats 100,000 times a day.
  • The first roller coaster was invented to stop sinful behavior.
  • It's a tradition in Ireland that if you donated a pint of blood, they give you a pint of Guinness to replace the iron.
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