Woman with Giant Belly Shocked When Doctors Realize What’s Growing Inside of Her

By 2 years ago

Keely Favell was only 24 years old when her stomach began to grow. By 2016, she appeared to be pregnant. Keely couldn’t understand her sudden weight gain, but her fear of doctors kept her from receiving a diagnosis. Eventually, she found out the unbelievable truth behind her swollen belly…

Loving Herself

Keely always regarded herself as “chunky,” but she never had any problems embracing her body or was overly-concerned about her weight. In 2014, however, she noticed that she was gaining more weight than usual…


Staying Healthy

Keely was a health nut. She regularly made an effort to work out and always tried her best to eat clean. When she began to put on some pounds, it didn’t make sense to her. Rather than assuming anything was wrong, she just worked out harder to maintain her figure…

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