Woman Ruins Future Sister-In-Law's Wedding In The Worst Way

Jennifer and Brian had been engaged for nearly a year and a half, and their big day was getting close. They'd booked their venue, sent invitations, and all of the bridesmaids' dresses were fitted. The clock was ticking, and Jennifer assumed everything would go according to plan thanks to all her careful scheduling...

Months of Planning

Jennifer loved Brian's family, and she was especially close to his parents. She couldn't wait to marry into the family. However, she wasn't particularly close to his sister, Ashley. The two had argued over wedding plans in recent weeks and Jennifer sometimes felt like she wasn't good enough for Brian. Something was definitely up with Ashley. She'd been combative and looked a little off, but nobody knew why. Brian hoped they'd sit down and talk about their issues, but that never seemed to happen...


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The More You Know

  • The first TV commercial didn't air until the 1940s.
  • The sun and moon appear to be the same size in the sky because of an astonishing coincidence: the moon is 400 times smaller but 400 times closer.
  • Indonesia has the shortest population.
  • Danny Devito used to work as a hairdresser. For corpses.
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