Woman Kicked Off Flight For This Bizarre and Controversial Reason

By 11 months ago

Taking a flight can be stressful for most people, but even at it's worst, you'd never expect to be kicked off of the plane. When Harriet Osbourne boarded her flight home to England, she expected a smooth flight, but her experience quickly went south. The reason why caused a lot of backlash...

Vacation Time

Back in the summer of 2019, 31-year-old Harriet Osborne left her London house and her two children to get a bit of me-time. The full-time makeup artist was going to go on a vacation with some close pals to get away from it all. She hoped for somewhere a bit sunnier, so the girls flew from London to the brighter coast of Spain. They expected to have an unforgettable vacation, but they had no idea just what was in store...


Learning to Relax

In her day to day life, Harriet dressed as mundane and normal as anyone else, but on vacation, she had other plans. The warm weather of Spain demanded that Harriet incorporate a bit more fun and flair into her wardrobe. Here, she wasn't a mother of two, she was a free and easy vacationer. After about a week of soaking in as much sun as possible, the girls were forced to acknowledge that their days in Spain were coming to a close...

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