Woman's Journey Into the Wildnerness Almost Ends Her Life

No Wrong Turns

Amanda was determined to complete the trail as normal. Even though her friends warned her that if she made any wrong turns she might not get out alive, but Amanda felt pretty confident that she could follow the marked path. Plus, it was only 2.7 miles away from any civilization, so in the worst-case scenario, she could just walk back to there...right? 


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The More You Know

  • Earth is not as round as you thought.
  • Cows have best friends.
  • The Catholic Church considers the Theory of Evolution to be "virtually certain", and believes that intelligent design "isn't science even though it pretends to be."
  • Saint Patrick's Day began as a "feast day". To honor him, Christians could put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption, which is why excessive drinking has become linked to the celebration.
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