Woman's Journey Into the Wildnerness Almost Ends Her Life

Hiking can be a relaxing way to connect with nature and get some exercise, but for one woman, it was an activity that would put her life at risk. She thought nothing would go wrong on a normal walk through the wilderness, but when she was out there things took a quick turn for the worst. After a few bad decisions and unlucky occurrences, this brave woman found herself in a life or death situation...

Amanda's Journey

On May 8th, 2019 Amanda Eller's life was forever changed. The 35-year-old physical therapist and yoga instructor was a resident of Hawaii. She loved living a life by the ocean, and the location definitely had its perks. One of her favorite pastimes was walking along the many intricate trails that go through the dense forestry of the islands. She decided one day to wander through the Makawao Forest...


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The More You Know

  • Honey is essentially bee vomit.
  • A full jumbo jet tank has enough fuel to drive a car around the world four times.
  • Pizza only became popular in the United States after American troops occupying Italy during World War 2 became hooked on it and then popularized it back home.
  • Dentistry is the oldest profession in the world.
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