Woman Discovers the Unthinkable Living in Her Attic for over a Decade

By 1 year ago

It’s no surprise that attics are full of, well… surprises. Be it a wild animal, an important family heirloom, or just some creepy cobwebs and old books and records.

A woman in South Carolina, however, had the surprise of her life when she found the most shocking thing in her attic after believing it to be gone for 12 years…

Strange Noises

As identified by local news stations “Tracy,” a South Carolina resident and mother of two, had begun to hear strange noises coming from her attic for a while.

Small Creature


Initially, though, she wrote it off as possibly a bird or other small creature and figured that because her house was pretty old, it was just bound to happen at some point. She wasn’t too worried until other strange signs started to present themselves, too…

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