Woman Carries Baby for Best Friend, Until the Unexpected Happens

After getting married, Kevin and Nicole had their sights set on starting a family. They tried for a while without having any luck, though. They didn’t want to give up hope, so they began to seek out other options for starting their family. At this time, a friend offered to take on a huge task for the couple, one that would take a seriously unexpected turn…

Happily Married

Kevin and Nicole had been married for a few years and had been trying for quite a while to conceive. When it just wasn’t working out for them, they began to consider other options for starting a family because they knew it was what they wanted…


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The More You Know

  • People write love letters to trees in Australia via email.
  • Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto.
  • The loudest animal on earth is the sperm whale.
  • In one month, the average person consumes about a Lego brick’s worth of microplastic.
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