New Jersey Woman Befriends A Man Who Committed a Horrific Crime Against Her

Jennifer Weiss never knew about her birth parents. When she went to find out who they were, she was thrown into a lifelong quest to find important answers.

A Happy Childhood

Jennifer Weiss grew up without her biological mother or father, but she had quite a normal childhood. She was put up for adoption when she was just two weeks old and was told that she was adopted at 4-years-old. Growing up, she always had questions about her parents and where she came from.


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The More You Know

  • The moon has its own time zones.
  • Fleas can jump up to 100 times their body length.
  • Researchers have found that swearing when in pain may release pain-killing endorphins.
  • The CIA reads up to 5 million Tweets a day.
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