Winery Malfunction Causes Red Wine To Pour From Water Faucets

By 1 year ago

A village in Italy had a divine intervention this past Wednesday after residents turned on their faucets expecting to find water, but instead discovered red wine flowing. This might seem like a biblical recreation, but it was instead an issue at the local winery, Cantina Settecani Caselvetro. The sparkling wine, Lambrusco Grasparossa, is very popular and bottled within the area. 

The mix-up happened one afternoon when the wine silos began to lead into the water pipe supply located in the Settecani village. The high pressure made the drink run through the mains network and appear in houses nearby. The images show a pink liquid coming from the pipes, sort of frothy in texture. "The next time you open the valve from 7.30 p.m. onwards, happy hour," said the company Facebook post. 

Local police have confirmed that the technical discrepancy has been resolved, and no health or safety risks were posed by the momentary issue. The Facebook post by the company apologized for profousley for the problem, explaining that a circuit valve on the bottling line had malfunctioned. "It was only wine," said the company, "which was already ready for bottling!"

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