Wimbledon Canceled Due to COVID-19

Another sporting event has been canceled in light of the coronavirus: Wimbledon. 

The decision was made official today and an announcement was published on Wimbledon's site.

The All England Club and the Committee of Management of The Championships considered postponing the tournament but ultimately decided to follow suit with England's government's approach in saying that "public gatherings are not worth the risk of spreading COVID-19."

"With the likelihood that the Government's measures will continue for many months, it is our view that we must act responsibly to protect the large numbers of people required to prepare The Championships from being at risk – from the training of ball boys and girls to thousands of officials, line judges, stewards, players, suppliers, media and contractors who convene on the AELTC Grounds – and equally to consider that the people, supplies and services legally required to stage The Championships would not be available at any point this summer, thus ruling out postponement," Wimbledon said.

Wimbledon has donated to first responders in London and offered the use of their facilities to battle COVID-19. Similarly, the US Open complex was turned into a temporary hospital in New York.

Unlike Wimbledon, the US Open is still scheduled to take place in August, but only time will tell if this can still occur in the long run.

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