Why You Should Choose VoIP Over a Landline Telephone

We’re currently witnessing what would once seem like an unprecedented change—landline telephones are disappearing from people’s homes. Once an essential part of daily life, landlines are now being replaced with new technology. Your home phone line is nearly obsolete, and it’s probably costing way more than you realize.

Millions have already chosen to cut the cord and make the switch to VoIP, or voice-over internet protocol. VoIP gets you a better bang for your buck among countless other benefits.

As landlines fall into the abyss of outdated technology, cell phones have become our go-to way to connect with the world. Because landlines are falling by the wayside, prices are increasing. Annually, landline customers are seeing their bills increase by anywhere from 15-50%, making them too expensive to continue to use. [1]

Luckily, there’s no longer a need to continue to pay outlandish prices for your telephone. Switching to VoIP will still give you the functionality of a landline, but with updated technology and a much more affordable price tag.

VoIP: Same Benefits, Updated Technology

Many people still employ the use of landline phones because they just need a home phone line. Without a landline phone, access to the security and convenience it provides is lost. Cell phones are an alternative, however, for older Americans, they are not the preferred choice.

Switching to VoIP allows for a seamless transition from a landline. You won’t miss the ever-increasing cost, and you’ll still have all the benefits that your landline provided, as the traditional landline is simply replaced by an Internet connection. The reliability of VoIP services has also “increased as modern internet speeds and accessibility has improved to rival that of landlines.” [2]

VoIP allows you to set up a home number where you can receive calls just as you did with your landline. Additionally, you can make and receive calls via a computer or laptop, as well.

A standard VoIP service includes:

  • Unlimited calling, including free local or app-to-app calls
  • Low-cost international calling 
  • No hardware required
  • Voicemail capabilities and do-not-disturb
  • Clear and quick calls with a reliable Internet connection
  • 911 access
  • Voice and video conferencing

While those are the standard features, depending on the service you choose, VoIP can include much more. “A lot of businesses opt for VoIP because of the video conferencing and faxing features.” [3] In years past, VoIP couldn’t compete with landline phones, however now, VoIP is the more competitively priced option, with ever-progressing technology and services.

Setting Up and Using VoIP is Easy

While VoIP might sound like something reserved for only the most tech-savvy, that’s not the case.

When it first came to market, VoIP required special software and internet service, but now it’s as easy as downloading an app or connecting to your current internet connection. To get started you just need a computer, laptop, or another internet-connected device.

You just need a few minutes to get your VoIP set up. The first step is to choose and connect to a VoIP service, such as Skype or Vonage, online. Once you set up an account for yourself, you can easily call and connect with friends and family.

If you need to make a long-distance call to somewhere outside of the U.S. you will have to connect a credit card to add call credits to your account. Local calls, however, are free. Some VoIP services will allow customers to preload credits to avoid paying per minute.

To make VoIP calls, all that you need is a reliable internet connection at home, and from there, you can use it just as you would your regular landline. An Internet connection allows you to connect with anyone in the world now.

Switch to VoIP to Avoid Overpaying for Your Landline Service

Landlines are an outdated technology. As the price for service goes up, people are realizing that a VoIP service is much more affordable and just as reliable and easy to use. In 2018 alone, over 1 billion people were using VoIP services in lieu of a landline.

To save money and still enjoy the same benefits of a landline service, VoIP is the answer in today’s tech-savvy market. VoIP services are a much more affordable telecommunication option in this day and age. They are user-friendly and easy to set up for everyday use. They are also much more affordable when it comes to making long-distance calls and free of charge for local and emergency calls.

If you’re ready to join 1 billion others who have decided to stop overpaying for their home phone service, make the switch to a VoIP service today. A quick online search will help you decide which VoIP service works best for you. Learn more about VoIP today and compare prices, services, and other options to make the best choice for you—it’s time to cut the cord.