Whipped Strawberry Milk Is Another Twist On The Viral Whipped Coffee Recipe

People have a lot of time on their hands and not a lot of resources while quarantined, but thankfully this whipped strawberry milk recipe is only two ingredients and takes virutally no time to literally whip up. It's a nice and light variation from the TikTok-famous whipped coffee dessert. 

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———————————————————————————— 2 tbsp strawberry @nesquikusa Powder or syrup 4 tbsp cold heavy whipping cream Ice Milk Mix for 5 min ——————————————————————————— 2 cucharadas de polvo o líquido de fresa @nesquikusa 4 cucharadas de leche para batir (helada) Hielo Leche Batir por 5 minutos . . . Glass: @homegoods Hand Mixer: @amazon TBSP: @incanahomestyleliving Bowl: @williamssonoma . . . #dalgonacoffee #dalgona #dalgonachocolate #whippedcoffee #whippedchocolate #whippedstrawberry #strawberry #athomewithlally #homemade #happinessishomemade #yummy #instafood #delicious #foodie #tasty #kitchen #cookinglife #realfood #easybreakfast #yougottaeatthis #igfood #keeponchuggin #foodblogger #foodlove #foodpics #eatgood #coffeemaker #heartwarmingtheworld

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All you need is four tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and two tablespoons of strawberry powder or syrup. You can mix it by hand if you're feeling brave, but the recipe recommends using a hand mixer. Stir until the consistency is light and fluffy, then fill a glass with ice and the type of milk you prefer (this works with and without dairy). Top with a few generous spoonfuls of the pink cloud-like cream and you're good to go. This takes just minutes to make and will be gone just as quickly. To make it Instagram-worthy, top with a fresh strawberry!

If you follow any aesthetically pleasing Instagrammers or TikTokers, chances are you've seen this recipe created a variety of different ways. We have to try and entertain ourselves while stuck inside somehow! Creating fun and simple recipes is one of the easiest ways to spice up your day when they all start to feel the same. Other variations of whipped strawberry milk that have been circulating the web are matcha, coffee, and hot chocolate. Why not go a little crazy and try them all!

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