Where You Should Go to Get Free Food on Your Birthday

Krispy Kreme

This all-time American favorite will leave the light on for you when it’s your birthday. If you sign up online, you will receive a voucher that gives you a free donut and a small drink/coffee. Pro-tip, if you live in an urban area, or a place that has more Krispy Kremes than the average town, you can take a tour to all of them and end up with dozens of donuts and coffees for FREE.


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The More You Know

  • Commercial flights were allowed to fly any course to their destination and would often detour over points of interest. This ended in 1956 when two planes crashed mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.
  • One in four Americans thinks that the Sun revolves around the Earth.
  • China owns all the pandas in the world.
  • When a piece of bread is toasted, it's called the "Maillard reaction."
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