When This Catfish Took His Double Dating Life Too Far, Police Stepped In

Jamie Feden thought she had met the love of her life, but things didn't work out the way she expected. When this catfish took his online love to the real world, things got out of hand fast. The truth came out, but it all happened a little too late. Read on to find out how this love story ended in tragedy...

Meet Jamie

The year was 2009 when Jamie Feden first met John Chapman, and their lives would never be the same. The two met at a school for people with disabilities. The two hit it off instantly, and Jamie was grateful to finally have someone in her life who could overlook her insecurities and love her regardless. She never knew how far it would go…


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The More You Know

  • A solar powered, self-filling water bottle has been invented for bike riders that condenses atmospheric moisture to automatically fill the bottle.
  • Elvis only won 3 Grammys.
  • Ninety percent of the world’s population lives above the equator.
  • "E" is the most common letter and appears in 11 percent of all english words.
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