When an ATM Dispenses Cash That Isn’t His, One Man Makes a Major Moral Choice

By 2 years ago

Moments in life often test our morals and personal ethos. If you find a wallet on the street, what is your instinctual response? Sure, some might look to return the wallet, but others might keep it and use whatever money was found for things they need. They may even justify keeping the wallet by saying it was fate that presented them with it when they needed it. Others would argue that no matter what, karma begs you to return it to its rightful owner.

Bobby Puryear was put in a similar situation, and his response was quite unique…

The Good & The Bad

The world is mostly divided between the good and bad. Who those people are is always contested and a matter of opinion, but more or less, humans look to classify people in clean little titles, whether that makes sense ultimately or not. When Bobby Puryear was confronted with a moment of morality, he made an incredible decision…

ATM Stop


This all started when Bobby Puryear made a stop, as many people do, at an ATM to take out some cash. This seemingly commonplace act would lead to an amazing and unpredictable outcome…

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