Wedding Guests Are Stunned When The Groom Announces His Love For Another During Vows

By 2 years ago

Weddings are an emotional time for all people involved. There are tears of happiness of new beginnings and sadness of leaving your old life behind (for the better, though!) In this case, this fairytale wedding took a bizarre turn when the groom’s vows got extremely strange.

An Emotional Wedding Day

Most wedding ceremonies involve a lot of tears and smiles. It’s always a joyous event that brings two sides of a family together. When Jefferson and Jessica got married, this was no different. The couple even prepared their own vows as a true commitment to each other. They kept it a secret until the day of their wedding.

Special Vows


The couple had been working over their speeches for months. They both agreed that it was one of the most important aspects to their wedding and they wanted the moment to be perfect. They trusted one another to deliver the best speech imaginable, so neither of them told each other what they were going to say. It was going to be an adorable surprise.

Planning a Spectacular Ceremony

They worked hard on making the ceremony perfect. They rented a huge space in order to fit both of their huge families. It was decked out with white cloth draping and flowers hanging from the ceiling. It looked like a fairytale. It was the perfect scene, but no one had any clue what was going to happen in this wonderland…

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