The Worst Restaurant Chains in America Ranked From Bad to Worse

We scoured the globe (okay, just the continental United States) and ranked the absolute worst chain restaurants just for you.

You're welcome.

Texas Roadhouse

Believe it or not, 38% of the visitors that come into Texas Roadhouse go online to complain about one thing or another. The most general complaint is that the restaurant is far too loud for the standard family to enjoy their steaks and sauteed mushrooms in peace. Although it is a favorite for some, America seems to generally dislike the Texas Roadhouse overall.


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The More You Know

  • Bubble wrap was originally designed to be used as wallpaper.
  • The first breakfast cereal had to be soaked overnight before it could be eaten.
  • One area of Canada has a weaker gravitational pull than the rest of Earth.
  • Beavers have transparent eyelids so they can see underwater.
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