Vintage Grocery Store Photos That Will Hit You with All of the Nostalgia

Once upon a time, grocery stores were a formal affair. They were the places to be seen and catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip. Things have really changed drastically in more ways than you think. Read on to see how people used to shop for their food and everyday necessities…

Northland Food, the 1970s

Inside the Thief River Falls, Minnesota, customers mill about before selecting a cashier. Notice the huge registers and produce scales right at the registers. Northland had it all.


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The More You Know

  • When the Super Bowl champion Giants visited the White House in 1987, they dumped popcorn on President Reagan.
  • But the loudest animal relative to its size is a water bug.
  • George Lazenby wasn't an actual actor. He got himself a suit, a Rolex and a new haircut, then met with the producer and made up movies he had been in. He later landed the role of James Bond.
  • There are around 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. If you took them all out and laid them end to end, they’d stretch around the world more than twice.
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