Villa Italian Kitchen Is Now Offering ‘Just the Crust’ Pizza

By 1 year ago

Pizza crust, to some, is the best part of the meal. The people over at Villa Italian Kitchen agree. The ‘pizza’, if you can call it that, is the crust of slices cut into a triangle and assembled in a pizza box. Who needs sauce and cheese when you can have just the crust?

Though the team at Villa Italian Kitchen called it a “perfect idea”, users online weren’t so sure about the brand’s new menu item. The biggest question being…where are these crusts coming from? Old pizzas? Specialty breadsticks?

Despite mixed reviews, Villa Italian Kitchen is continuing with the pizza crust roll out. They’re calling it a “chewy, bready delight” for every “diehard pizza fan”. Starting on July 18th, customers can get the carb-loaded delight for only $2.75.

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