University Students Discover Decades-Old Time Capsule Filled with Hilarious Secret Treasures

By 2 years ago

Time capsules were a big deal back in the day. Preserving memories for future generations to discover always felt like a fun treasure hunt years in the making.

What would have chosen to leave to future students who attended your university decades after you? Students at Shenandoah University unearthed a time capsule recently that answered that exact question…

Treasures From the Past

Shenandoah students from the class of 2018 unearthed a time capsule that the class of ’93 had left behind. Filled with strange and hilarious items from the past, the current students assembled around the box to get a glimpse at the buried treasure of past students…

The DeLorean


Movies like Back to the Future fantasized the idea of time travel, as if it was something that would be attainable in the near future. While that isn’t exactly the case yet, time capsules gives us a glimpse into the past that we can only get from tangible objects…

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