Unbelievable Secrets and Hidden Easter Eggs in Your Favorite Films

By 7 months ago

How well do you pay attention when you watch movies? Sometimes filmmakers sneak little peculiar details into the making of popular movies, which viewers refer to as "easter eggs." Most times, if you're not looking for them, you have no idea they're even there... Don't worry though—we've found all the important ones so you don't have to find them yourself.

We've compiled the best easter eggs and unknown movie facts into one collection. Prepare to be mind-blown...


There is a multitude of small easter eggs in It. Pennywise follows the characters around everywhere they go, sometimes more subtly than what you commonly see. At this moment, you can see Pennywise painted into a small mural on the outside of this building. 



The couple that is pictured lying in bed as the Titanic sank is supposed to be the real-life co-owners of Macy's. These two individuals, named Isador and Ida Straus, were present on the Titanic. In real life, they were last seen walking arm-and-arm down the bow, waiting for a lifeboat that wasn't full of women and children. 

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