Unearthed World War II Pictures Show A Never-Before-Seen Side of History

World War II is one of the most well-documented historical events, but there are still some images you might not have seen. These recently unearthed photographs of the iconic battles and soldiers on the base show what life was really like for these soldiers. Whether they're flying high in the sky or lying low in the trenches, these are some never-before-seen pictures of one of history's darkest times...

Pappy's Pram

In this picture, five men pose in front of an airplane named Pappy's Pram before they head off to the skies. There is nothing known about the men in this photograph, aside from what happened after. They suffered a light crash landing aboard the aircraft carrier Enterprise CV-6. This all went down in the US Navy's Pacific Fleet maneuvers back in the 1940s...


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The More You Know

  • The First Face on the $1 Bill Was Not George Washington
  • Pope Gregory IV once declared war on cats because he believed Satan used black cats. His declaration lead to the mass extermination of cats.
  • Kim Jong Il wrote six operas.
  • Thomas Edison Didn't Invent the Light Bulb
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