Unbelievable Photos That Were Declassified by the CIA

Over the years, the CIA has released some bizarre photos and documents that were previously top-secret and classified. This is a collection of some of the weirdest, most incriminating photos that they have released. Sometimes, information is released over time due to the statute of limitations. Other times, the information is released because it's no longer relevant to the CIA. It's important to remember that even though these things were released to the public, it doesn't mean that they were released with any context! 

Forever Unidentified Flying Objects

Once the CIA declassified a bunch of photos, the general public demanded that any information of UFOs or alien contact be made the first available. For once, the CIA delivered... somewhat. These photos of UFOs and unknown wreckage found in the desert were among the many declassified photos. Unfortunately, there were no explanations behind the photos. They're a total mystery. 


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