Unbelievable Facts About Dubai

By 1 year ago

Dubai is truly a city built on dreams. Everything is bigger, better, tastier, more fun, and covered in gold. If you've ever wanted to live like a king for a day, Dubai is the place you should visit...

The Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel

This hotel is covered with an absurd amount of gold leaf. The interior of the hotel has 1,790 square meters worth of 24-carat gold plated all over it. Imagine the walls being covered in 46,265 Mona Lisa's worth of gold. 


Fashion is Huge

Dubai might not be what you think of when you consider the fashion capitals of the world. But, the city is an up and coming fashion hub that's chock full of young and exciting designers. Dubai is quickly making a name for themselves on the world stage, especially since their culture is so different from the rest of the fashion Meccas. 

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