These Babies Look Just Like Famous Celebrities

From Jay-Z to Amy Schumer, these babies are spitting image of famous celebs. Have you ever wanted to see the baby version of Ed Sheeran? Or a toddler who looks just like Evan Peters? Read on to see the craziest baby-faced lookalikes...

Simon Pegg

This adorable little man looks just like screenwriter and actor Simon Pegg. Hopefully, he doesn't ask to be in the next Shaun of the Dead...


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The More You Know

  • Shakira was banned from her school’s choir, and her classmates said she sounded like a goat. The Hips Don’t Lie superstar sure showed them!
  • Martha Stewart started out as a fashion model.
  • Megan Fox was banned from the Wal-Mart store in her hometown because she shoplifted makeup as a teenager. She claims it was an accident.
  • Tom Hanks had an asteroid named after him which was called “12818 tomhanks”.
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