Two Injured by Cracker Barrel Pineapples

Cracker Barrel may be the home of some delicious eats, but watch out for their home decor—it can be dangerous. The restaurant chain has recalled their “decorative driftwood pineapples,” and subsequently demanded customers return them to the nearest Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for a full refund before anyone else gets hurt.

There have been two reported incidents, one of which required stitches, after a person cut their finger on a spiky leaf. The body of the decorative piece is fashioned from tan driftwood, while the leaves are made from galvanized steel. Although there are only about 1,500 currently in circulation, that’s quite a few giant, sharp pineapples ornamenting unsuspecting consumers’ homes.

The fake fruit was sold online and in-store at various Cracker Barrel locations from June 2018 until August 2018. However, the price tag was nothing to sneer at: people were purchasing the offending object for a hefty $40. That’s an expensive way to end up in the emergency room!

For all online purchases, Cracker Barrel will be contacting costumers directly as stated by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission.

Perhaps, for the time being, Cracker Barrel should stick making their signature homestyle foods—hold the pineapple.

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