Two Idaho Children's Disappearance Traced Back to Doomsday Cult Leader

By 1 year ago

The Cult Mother

Lori Vallow is the mother of two children that have been missing since September. She has been reported to be completely mentally unstable and has wild delusions of grandeur that led her up to this moment. However, it is believed that her husband, Chad Daybell, pushed her to do what she is suspected to have done.

Doing it for the Kids


Although nothing final has been decided in Lori Vallow’s court case, we are starting to learn the real story through her intermitted confessions. After missing court in January and failing to provide evidence that her children were still alive, Vallow has been in holding. None of these accusations are set in stone, but it is safe to assume that Vallow’s involvement with a doomsday cult could be the reason behind her missing children...

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