Twitter Roasts the Peloton Lifestyle

Let’s keep it real, the Peloton brand is a little, well, pretentious.

If you have $2K to purchase a stationary bike or $4K to purchase the treadmill, and then another $39 per month to subscribe to Peleton’s classes, then sure, this might sound great. But for the average fitness fanatic, the Peloton pricetag is a little over the top.

And for this very reason, Twitter user, @ClueHeywood, is poking fun at the luxury fitness brand and giving them a bit of a roasting on the Interwebs.

Clue poked fun at the brand’s seemingly out-of-touch marketing photos that make it appear as though the Peloton bike is the center of every rich folk’s universe.



The marketing photos, while certainly beautiful, make the Peloton bike seem as though it’s every rider’s most prized possession.

And hey, maybe you’re a Peloton fan, but let’s keep it real, these re-written ads by Clue Heywood are hilarious.

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