Twenty Years After Seeing a Ghost, He Finally Learns the Truth

Mark and Tommy were just kids when they found out their house was haunted. For years, they thought they saw ghosts and spirits haunting the halls, but none quite like one fateful night. It took almost two decades, but the boys finally learned the full story of that night. Read on to find out what they learned…

Awake and Alert

Mark was only seven, Tommy was ten, and the two boys loved staying up late. Their mother, tired from work, often fell asleep on the couch. This left the boys plenty of time to goof off and have fun alone…


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The More You Know

  • Every day, a person consumes around 1 to 2 cups of snot.
  • Horned lizards squirt blood from their eyes as a defense mechanism.
  • Your blood is about 7% of your body weight.
  • During mummification, Ancient Egyptians removes the brain through one of the nostrils.
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