Trapped Construction Crew Finds a Mysterious 400-Year-Old Artifact in the Chimney of an Old Folks Home

By 2 years ago

Trapped in the darkness, a small team of renovators thought their lives were over until they found a mysterious object that led them to something even better than safety.

Not Your Grandma’s Chimney

This archaic chimney plagued an assisted living home in Aberdeen, Scotland for far too long. In addition to being a complete eyesore, the chimney shaft itself started spitting ash and tar onto the floor, this was an immediate threat to the health of those living in the home.


Anything Would Help

The assisted living home needed more than just the chimney done. Their funding had been cut incrementally every year leading up to this, while the damages to their property worsened. In an actual life and death scenario, this old folks home was scrambling to find anyone who would help them out. Fortunately, there were some brave souls out in their town that were willing to help…

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