Toddler's Pronunciation of 'Breakfast' Has People Cracking Up

TikTok is basically a haven for hilarious videos of toddlers being toddlers. Parent's share video after video of their kids doing bizarre things so that other parents can relate and get a laugh. 

One mom in particular, Megs, shared footage of her sleepy daughter from one grumpy morning. Megs had asked her toddler if she wanted breakfast...

@megsthemom ✨ Relatable ✨ #cussingbabies #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ No breakfast baby - MG

Her little girl responded by repeating "breakfast," or what she thought was the word "breakfast." Instead, it came out sounding like "fuctiss." Catch our drift?

Megs hilariously captioned the video, "Me, when faced with any minor inconvenience." 

"No fuctiss. No fuctiss. No fuctiss. No fuctiss!" Obviously, the little girl was not in the mood for breakfast, but mom was enjoying her tiny pronunciation slip-up.

Commenters loved her little slip-up. "She has no 'breakfast' left to give," one user said.

Another one joked, "When 'no breakfast' becomes 'no fuctiss.' Same, little one, absolutely same."

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