Tiny Gecko Caught Making ‘A Bazillion’ Phone Calls In Hawaii Animal Hospital

One doctor was receiving tons of phone calls… That’s when she realized that they were coming from inside the building!

In a hilarious turn of events, the serial caller that Dr. Claire Simeone was tracking down turned out to be an adorable gecko hanging out on their touch-screen phone.

Dr. Simeone was out at lunch when she began to get the calls. When she picked up the phones, she was met with silence. She hung up but then received another one. And another one. And another one. She ended up getting nine calls within 15 minutes. Assuming the worst, she drove back to the hospital thinking it was a seal emergency (remember, this is an animal hospital!)

When she gets there, everything is normal. No emergency, and no one admitting to doing the calling. She even called the phone company to see if it was a mistake on their end.

All the phone company saw was that tons of calls were coming in from one line within the hospital. Other people are now calling them asking why the hospital was blowing up their phone!

Immediately, Dr. Simeone runs around the hospital trying to figure out the source of the call. She walks into the lab and approaches the phone…

He was just hanging out, minding his own business, calling half of Hawaii in the meantime. Now, the hospital has to call everyone on that recent call list and apologize for this gecko’s serial calling!

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